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Wow.  2018 has come and gone, and we are already well into January.    Most people have already set up and are working on New Year’s Resolutions, set intentions/goals, and mantras for 2019.  I’m seeing it everywhere!

Personally, I feel like I’ve barely had time to reflect on the past year.  A LOT has happened this past year, and it is worthy of a lot of reflection, so I can really take it in, appreciate it, and be able to move forward positively from it.

For me, 2018 was an amazing year.  I achieved athletic goals I never dreamed possible.  I have grown personally, academically, and professionally more so than at any time in over a decade.  I continue to be blessed with an incredible husband who supports me in all of it.  And I get to watch our son grow into an amazingly strong, independent teen (well, that has it’s ups & downs:).

However, along with those blessings, I’ve also dealt with some personal emotional struggles that have kept me “stuck” for a long time.   One thing I’ve come to realize, and an affirmation of what I’ve learned since immersing myself in Transformational Coaching Methods, is that being stuck in one area of your life can greatly impact other areas.

For me, dealing with these struggles and working on my emotional health have greatly impacted my personal growth and my ability to be a more effective coach.

I am far from perfect, and personal growth & emotional healing never really are complete.  But along the way, facing adversity, stepping back and letting go of the limiting beliefs that no longer serve me, so that I can say yes to more fulfilling and rewarding experiences, have allowed me to become more and more empowered in my daily life.  And that feels good.

As we look ahead into 2019 and set our intentions, let’s not forget to not only acknowledge and celebrate our achievements and all the good things that happened, but to lovingly accept and let go of the adversity.   In this way, we can find more empowering lessons that we may not have seen when we were immersed in the struggles.

I’m curious…  What are you most proud of achieving in 2018, and what was your biggest struggle for the year?

2 responses to “REFLECTION”

  1. Through my work with you in 2018 I was able to break through an obstacle with weigh and other areas. I have used that knowledge to move past another weight obstacle since then and am looking forward to one more for 2019 to meet my weight goal. I am most proud of achieving my biggest goal of hiking/waling/running 1000 miles in 2018. I ended up having an autumn filled with complications and sometimes I didn’t know if I could complete the goal. I figured out how to make it happen. Through the fall I had you in my head and implemented your advice of self care that was difficult at times but I was able to keep my s#%t together. I also was able to have other achievements in personal areas. I celebrate my 2018 goals accomplished and have made my intentions for 2019 and I know when I put my mind to it, I can make it happen! Happy New Year!


    1. Howard Performance and Wellness Avatar
      Howard Performance and Wellness

      I am so impressed with your transformation over the past year. And I am so incredibly grateful that you were able to take what we accomplished together, and build upon that to create even greater physical and emotional health for yourself! You have built an amazingly solid foundation to build on. I can’t thank you enough for trusting in me to help guide you to this place, and just know I am always here to help with anything. I know some more GREAT accomplishments are within your reach, and you will make ALL your dreams come true!!


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