I have been an avid runner for nearly 20 years.  My own experience as a runner, and my career as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in the field of sports medicine, have afforded me in-depth knowledge of how to manage running related injuries, as well as proven methods to help reduce injury risk.   I have had the joy (and heartache!) of racing competitively in many distances from 5k to full road marathons, trail races, ultra marathons, and 200 mile ultra relays.  Running is my passion, and I’ve had the pleasure of coaching others in this passion for over 10 years now.  I believe in a lifetime of learning, and I have been certified as a Lydiard Level II Marathon Coach, a USATF Level I Coach and a Certified Marathon Coach through Road Runners Club of America.

Over the past several years, I have also become passionate about how to fuel our bodies for performance, and have made profound discoveries in how to optimize my own training and racing performance through a more holistic and nutrition-based approach.  This passion naturally led me to my latest career path, which is a certification as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach.  Being able to combine my knowledge of the science of endurance training, while implementing nutrition and lifestyle strategies, has provided me with a “missing link” that I was searching for in my own running performance for so long.  And now, I have to tools to help others as well!  This journey, which I am continuing with even more upcoming education in Health and Life Coaching, feels like the path I have always been meant to take.   It truly is my Life’s Purpose.

As founder and Head Coach of Howard Performance and Wellness, I am blessed to be able to provide a variety of coaching programs designed to help busy athletes find ways to increase energy and break through performance plateaus, without training harder, taking tons of supplements, or counting calories & macros.  My programs are designed to create life-changing healthy habits that stick, while providing support and accountability along the way.   These strategies can help you, whether you’re training for your first 5k, looking to set a new PR in the marathon, or just searching for a way to transform your health and energy to tackle life head-on with confidence!

Feel free to message me with more information on how you can experience transformation!


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