I have been an avid runner for 20 years.  My own experience as a runner, as well as my career path as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant in the field of sports medicine, and my passion for improving health and wellness through nutrition and a holistic approach, have all been part of an amazing journey that has led me to becoming a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Life Coach, and Endurance Coach.  I have had the joy (and heartache!) of racing competitively in many distances from 5k to full road marathons, trail races, ultra marathons, and 200 mile ultra relays.  As a Certified Lydiard Level II Marathon Coach, I have shared this passion and coached others to their running dreams for over 10 years.  Now, I am able to help people not only achieve their athletic goals, but to find the energy & vitality they need to live their absolute BEST lives, by creating healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits that are sustainable.  I believe in a lifetime of learning, and I continue to move forward with more training, to become the best advocate I can be for others.

My experiences over the past several years, have allowed me to make profound discoveries in how to optimize my own training and racing performance through a more holistic and nutrition-based approach, not only creating more awareness of WHAT I am fueling my body with, but HOW I am living, becoming more present and mindful, maximizing the benefits of good nutrition.  Having literally experienced transformation in my health and energy inspires me to help others do the same, and it feels like what I was meant to do.   It truly is my Life’s Purpose.

As founder and Head Coach of Howard Performance and Wellness, I am happy to be able to provide a variety of coaching programs designed to help busy athletes (or anyone!) find ways to increase energy and break through performance plateaus, without training harder, taking tons of supplements, counting calories & macros, or suffering through deprivation.  My programs are designed to create life-changing healthy habits that stick, while providing support and accountability along the way.   These strategies can help you, whether you’re looking for the energy you need to achieve that next athletic goal, or just searching for a way to transform your health and energy to tackle life head-on with confidence!

Feel free to message me with more information on how you can experience transformation!