Enjoy these amazing benefits!

This is a 14 Day Cleanse, which includes 3 Phases:  a 2-day Preparation Phase, a 7 Day Elimination Phase, and a 5 Day Reintroduction Phase.

Our Group Program will Begin October 12, with a Facebook Live Q&A.  This first session will cover all the basics of the cleanse and get you set up for success!

The elimination Phase of the protocol will begin October 15.  During this phase, on October 17, we will have another Facebook Live seminar, where we will cover the common questions/concerns that arise during the cleanse, as well as offer any support you may need!

On October 22, we will have our final live coaching session, where we will cover the reintroduction phase, so that you can easily identify any foods that may be causing toxic symptoms and know how to move forward even more empowered!

Your Cleanse Bundle includes:

  • Live Group Coaching as outlined above
  • Unlimited Email support
  • Private Facebook Group for accountability and support
  • A beautiful pdf guide, that includes step-by-step instructions to each phase of the cleanse
  • Meal Plans, Recipes, and Shopping Lists
  • Exclusive access to the Coach Connect app, with all of the cleanse materials at your fingertips, including options for tracking your nutrition, hydration, movement, and sleep, just to name a few
  • Daily tips, motivation, and inspiration from Coach Jan

The cost of the program is $157, but sign up before October 1st and take advantage of Early Bird Pricing!   Simply click on the link below to register!


Fall Reset Cleanse Early Bird Pricing


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