Group Challenges


  •  Would you like to access to MAXIMUM NUTRITION IN MINIMUM TIME?
  • Do you want to eat healthy, but struggle with finding time for meal prep, or don’t know where to begin?
  • Would you like some accountability and support to help you stay on track with your health and energy goals?
  • Are you looking for a fun group challenge that can make a BIG impact on your health?

Guess what? You’re not alone.

We all get stuck from time to time when it comes to reaching our weight loss and energy goals.

One of the most common obstacles I hear when it comes to good nutrition, is lack of time and know-how for preparing healthy meals.

If you find yourself eating unhealthy foods out of convenience or lack of time and wish you had some strategies to help you STAY on track with eating REAL, WHOLE food and healthy home-cooked meals, this 3 week challenge is for you!! 

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean spending your life in the kitchen!  By batch cooking proteins, using a slow cooker, and prepping breakfasts ahead, you’ll be eating healthy, delicious food in less time than it takes to order takeout.

All meals on this plan are budget-friendly, with plenty of fiber to keep you feeling full and your digestion on point, and recipes are gluten & dairy free. 

Weeknight dinners are insanely quick, and breakfasts are prepped ahead for busy mornings.  Leftovers are repurposed for simple and delicious lunches.  

PLUS, this challenge includes EXCLUSIVE live coaching videos, where I will cover lifestyle strategies to help keep you motivated and moving forward with your nutrition, health, and energy goals.  

Because it’s not just about WHAT we’re eating, you will have access to transformational coaching that is guaranteed to create powerful breakthroughs and positive forward momentum! 

Some AMAZING Benefits of group challenge include:

  • Break through weight loss plateaus, boost energy, improve mood & focus, crush cravings, and improve digestion.  
  • Improved sleep habits, including the ability to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply
  • Learn Sustainable, Healthy Habits that enliven you!
  • Create a new baseline when it comes to making your health a priority!

Here’s what’s included!

  • A specific, 21-day meal plan, with shopping lists, recipes, and a complete guide that outlines everything you need to be prepped and set up for success each week.
  • Exclusive, Live Coaching Videos, where you will receive transformational coaching on specific lifestyle habits that will enhance and accelerate the benefits of your healthy nutrition!
  • Access to a private Facebook group, where I will share daily tips & strategies. This is our forum, where we can share successes, struggles, and motivate, inspire, and keep each other accountable!
  • Unlimited virtual access to me throughout the challenge via email or FB, for support as needed.

The best part about this challenge?

You’ll have the support and accountability of a group of like-minded people to encourage and inspire you along the way!

Together, we can learn from each other, share ideas, and lift each other up, celebrating our achievements!


Here’s what past clients of this group challenge are saying…

This challenge ended up being more about me, taking care of myself with something other than food/ running – i can’t remember exactly what you said Jan, what I do remember is asking myself ‘If I have the time to do or be anything, what would I do that keeps me happy and full of joy?’ That’s what I’ve been working on these past two weeks and taking time to paint for myself has given me great strength. Thanks Jan!

So glad that I participated in this challenge. Thank you so much for all of the encouragement, recipes and help for the last couple weeks. I really felt so much better and eventually had more energy. The first 3-4 days were a bit of an adjustment on my body but after that I just felt healthier. Once I got food prepped and organized it was easy to stay on track. Of course, I was happy that I lost a few pounds but just the overall way that I felt was a big bonus! I know I was more mindful of what I put in my body….instead of just grabbing whatever for a snack. Your videos were helpful as well and I liked all the information you shared with us. Just having that positive mind…and gratitude. Love the message! Again…I’m glad I made the decision to take this challenge and will continue to follow through with the meals and info that you shared! Thank you!!!!

Thanks a bunch for all the great tips & encouragement throughout the sugar challenge. I love that this challenge didn’t feel hyper focused on weight loss and helped us to mindfully focus on all aspects of our health – mind & body. For me personally, it was a great way to get myself back on track with healthy habits after the holidays. I definitely felt the benefits in my energy levels, mental clarity & focus as well as recovery from long runs & workouts during my peak training weeks. Added bonus: it is easy to continue practicing these techniques because they have become my new normal via the habit changes we made during those 14 days. Much Thanks!

Here’s to releasing old habits, pressing EASY button, feeling energized, enjoying delicious food, engaging the senses, and enjoying your ALIVENESS!

Will you join us?  Stay tuned for the next fun challenge!  

The investment for the group Nutritional Reset is $197 paid in full. This program is valued at over $400!!


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