With over 15 years experience as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, including extensive experience in sports medicine, I have gained in-depth knowledge of running related injuries, methods to help reduce risk of injury, as well as injury management.

I’ve been an avid runner for over 20 years, racing competitively in distances from 5k to full marathons, trail races (National Champion and World Qualifier), ultra marathons, and 200 mile ultra relays.

Jan Howard Run Coach

A Lydiard Level II Certified Marathon Coach, I served as head coach and director of Foothills Sports Medicine/FAST Running Group for 7 years.

As Head Coach and Owner of Howard Performance & Wellness, I continue to provide personalized coaching to runners of all abilities, training for their first race or their personal best, from 5k to the full 26.2 and beyond.

My passion for running and health has transcended into a dedication and commitment to helping others achieve their goals as well, leading and motivating by example.

Run Coaching Jan Howard


Are you looking for more accountability and support in your running?

Do you need more help with your training and racing goals?

Would you like to take your running to the next level, try a new distance, or hit that PR goal?

Most people think only professional or elite runners need coaches, or that a coach is only for someone who wants to qualify for the Boston Marathon or win their age group.

Run Coach Jan HowardWhile those are worthy and achievable goals, the fact is that runners at any level can take advantage of the knowledge, support, and accountability that a coach can offer.

Having a coach allows you to focus on your running goals without having to worry about whether or not you’re doing it right.

I have spent years acquiring the knowledge, experience, tools, and systems needed to work with you at YOUR level, according to YOUR needs, creating the best training plan for YOU.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

My philosophy of “Train Smarter, Not Harder,” integration of heart rate training into my athletes’ plans, and an approach to training that emphasizes proper development through periodization, as well as consideration of ALL aspects of life and their impact on performance, has helped many to break through performance plateaus, remain injury free, and make running a lifelong pursuit!

You won’t get all of this from an online “cookie cutter” training plan!




My most popular run coaching program.

You will receive a customized training plan up to full marathon distance, based on your goals, abilities, and availability.

I will develop personalized heart rate zones and workouts designed to maximize your performance and running efficiency.

This package includes access to Final Surge interactive training software, where you can access your training schedules, log workouts, and communicate directly with me.

You will also receive unlimited access to me via email for coaching, including training modifications as needed.


For those looking to really go the distance!

Includes all of the benefits of the Base Coaching Package, plus specialized ultra training strategies and schedules that allow you to push beyond the traditional marathon, as well as handle the challenging terrain that often accompanies an ultra distance race.

If you are ready to take your running performance to the next level, let’s chat! 

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Let’s talk about your goals and discover ways in which you can unlock your ultimate performance potential.