Becky Barcon

I want to say how thankful I am for you and your guidance although I was not perfect during this challenge I have taken away so much in terms of healthier choices and products (products is huge)

I still have so much to learn and my journey is definitely not over.

I am interested in continuing to learn and grow with your guidance and knowledge so I may be the better me, the healthier me, the more energetic me for me and the ones I love that maybe I can be the spark they need when that time comes for them to make healthier choices in their lif.

I am a little nervous as sometimes accountability stresses me out but I have to say you have made making mistakes along the way ok and not a road block and or reason to give up or punish ourselves but a reason to celebrate what we do right and learn from the things that aren’t right … am using what I’ve learned so far when I’m out and thinking before just doing or chewing.

I hope we can work together and continue to mold a healthier me.

Thank you again you truly are a gift.

Becky Barcon
Low Sugar Nutritional Challenge, April 2018

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