Cara Lyon

I love being outdoors and staying active. However, one of my pitfalls is making sure my body gets the right fuel.

Long runs have always left my gut in a state of shock, and I have always found it difficult to consume any food for several hours following a long run.

This was especially true with racing. I took the plunge to try paleo for 2 weeks. I was fearful I would not get enough carbohydrates to fuel my long workouts.

I was amazed at how sustained I felt, both during my workouts and just generally throughout the day.

And the biggest difference I noticed?!? No more upset tummy after long and hard effort workouts!

This was a breakthrough for me!

Coach Jan was so supportive and positive during the entire challenge. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and I am so grateful for her guidance and encouragement.

Cara Lyon
Paleo Group Nutrition Challenge, February 2018

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