I worked with Jan for some months and am so pleased with the results. I saw that making small manageable changes can produce big results. I was able to overcome limiting beliefs, obstacles, manage stress, and learn to feel empowered. The tools she taught me have… continue

Michelle J.

Transformational Coaching Client

I want to say how thankful I am for you and your guidance although I was not perfect during this challenge I have taken away so much in terms of healthier choices and products (products is huge) – I still have so much to learn and my journey is definitely… continue

Becky B.

Low Sugar Nutritional Challenge

I love being outdoors and staying active. However, one of my pitfalls is making sure my body gets the right fuel. Long runs have always left my gut in a state of shock, and I have always found it difficult to consume any food for several hours following a long run…. continue Cara L.

Paleo Group Nutrition Challenge

I can’t begin to tell you how much better I have been feeling during the challenge. When I reached out to you , I was dealing with low energy, evening bloat and a few other medical issues. Since starting the challenge; I was able to improve my endurance, my stomach… continue Bonnie A.

Paleo Nutritional Challenge